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3 5 7 9 11 ;)

3. I prefer guys 5. Yes I can commit to one person 7. Lol a Budweiser t shirt 9. I wear jeans more 11. Depends on the situation

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If I had to delete one year completely it would probably be like junior year of high school.

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I just asked her to, so I might as well ask you to. Talk about kate?


Kate is different from any girl I’ve ever known. She is gorgeous but doesn’t act like it. She never asks for anything which is why she deserves everything. Don’t get me wrong, she is a pain in my ass 75 percent of the time. She rarely communicates with me about things I ask her to. She is often times very irritated about work. She has lied to me multiple times. She puts herself in situations she knows she shouldn’t. She also wants good for everyone. She puts me before herself and I think that’s a quality that many people lack. We could both be in the worst mood, but when we are together, everything changes. I smile every time I think about her. When I am with her, all of my problems seem to disappear. Loving her is a difficult and slow process. Her sometimes apathetic behavior makes it challenging for me to meet her halfway, but she has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met, she just had a hard way of showing it. Yes, she is a little younger than me, but the difference between age does not concern me, it’s the difference in maturity that does and Kate is incredibly mature for her age. She is all mine and I’m proud of it and if anyone in a relationship is not, then that sucks for you. I see people look at Kate with a look of attraction, but only physical attraction. There is so much under her skin that is even more attractive than her “crystal blue eyes and long blonde hair”. I will protect her and care about her forever, even if we are not in a relationship forever. I hope if she has a problem or is in trouble that she will call me instead of brushing it under the rug. I could talk about this girl all day, but I’m hungry. Thanks anon.

I’m going to cry 😭😭😘



Dieci foto risalenti ai primi decenni del novecento, un circo senza animali ma con uomini fuori dal comune. A qualcuno potrebbe ricordare il celebre film “FREAKS” di Tod Browning.